09 March 2012

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29 February 2012

29 February 2012

SNOBOY/MBA Registration is Now Open!!!

Attention all BBYO members and parents!

Registration for Snoboy the fraternal sports weekend, and Mind, Body and Attitude is now open! Click Here to register.

The Convention will take place from March 16th-18th in Calgary, Alberta. We have confirmed that Snoboy/MBA will be held at the beautiful Jewish Community Center and the sweetheart and beau dance will be at the classy carriage hotel.

Registration closes on March 11th, 2012!


21 November 2011

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25 October 2011

LTI Registration is Now Open!!!

Attention all BBYO members and parents!

Registration for the the Leadership Training Institute is now open! Click Here to register. Be sure to sign up before November 8th to receive your Early Bird Discount.

The Convention will take place from December 2nd-4th in Edmonton, Alberta. We have confirmed that LTI will be held at the beautiful Sawridge Inn in South Edmonton.

Registration closes on November 20th, 2011!

Register Now! 


05 October 2011

Welcome to BBYO 2011-2012

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to yet another fun and exciting year of Northwest Canada BBYO. Just as a reminder, all program calendars will be posted in the Caldendar section, so please be sure to stay up to date with your chapter programming.

Also, please be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter that is mailed out to all parents. If  you would like to join please enter your email address on the ride hand side of this page under the section “JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST”

Please be sure to check back for updates every so often. We will post links for convention registration, post calendars, and other fun stuff as well.

Shana Tova!


21 September 2010

Lots of Website Updates

We've updated the NWC BBYO website:

1) Staff Listings Page has been updated.

2) The Latest AZA and BBG Regional Releases are uploaded.

3) The Convention schedule has been updated.

4) The Regional Boards have contact information

5) Some of the chapter boards have contact information


Registration for MIT/AIT will be available soon. Check back here for more information

Registration for the international convention on L.A is now open. Go to http://bbyo.org/teens/experiences/ic/ic2011/