AZA Chapters

Abraham Cristall AZA #2411+Mandel Bloomfield AZA #121

Aleph Godol Tyler Large (780.660.4415)

Aleph S’gan Michael Sky (780.399.6390)

Aleph Moreh Raphael Shpitalnik

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Aleph Shaliach Noah Soifer (780.235.4123)

Aleph Mazkir Matthew Marcus ( 780.483.3977)

Aleph Gizbor Jacob Yedgarova (780.729.3857)

Aleph Sopher Caleb Rosenberg (780.668.8962)

Aleph Happy and Gay Aiden Raff (780.907.0273)

Aleph Kohane Godol Aaron Friedland (780.862.8355)




Stampede AZA #1046 + First International AZA #31
Aleph Godol Isaac Rodin (403.651.2622)

Aleph S’gan Barry Pechet (403.305.5383)

Aleph Moreh Daniel Eisenberg (403.660.8807)

Aleph Shaliach David Wainer (403.481.7791)

Aleph Mazkir Mithchell Ashkin (403.816.9153)

Aleph Gizbor Ayden Gelfand (403.613.4001)

Aleph Sopher Sam Stevens (403.990.9539)

Aleph Happy and Gay Zach Calman (403.973.3115)

Aleph Shotare Godol Etai Lahav(403.891.2058)

Aleph Web Chair Jordan Labell (403.830.1768)

Aleph Kohane Godol Leor Magalnik (403.978.3731)

BBG Chapters

Ahava BBG #1461

Daughters of the Star (DOTS) BBG #311
N’siah- Mollie Chapin 403-880-6495
S’ganit/Gizborit- Kaylie Magidson 403-400-3761
Mit Mom- Rachel Gershkovitch 403-973-7767
Mazkirah- Danielle Milner 403-390-6688
Orechet- Zoe Hodgins 403-862-9855

Yad L’Yad BBG #232

Zahav BBG #2139
N’siah- Jenn Gelfand 403-835-0309
S’ganit- Dara Singerman 403-975-2495
Mit Mom- Julia Weiner 403-669-2150
Shlicha- Lara Rodin 403-660- 0306
Mazkirah- Emma Mersereau 403-615-3347
Gizborit- Nataly Dil 403-470-9506
Orechet- Katie Schwartz 403-797-4129

BBYO Chapters

Joseph Silverman BBYO #5194

Leonard Landa BBYO #5211