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AZA Regional Board

Godol: Mike Finestone
S’gan: Kevin Cohen
Moreh: Daniel Birnbaum
Shaliach: Richard Besney
Mazkir: Jeremy Wolfe
Gizbor: Zev Macklin
Sofer: Jeremy Wolfe
Kohane Godol: Max Shilling

* * * * * * * * *

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BBG Regional Board

N’siah: Allison Numerow
S’ganit: Jody Wasserman
Eym Hachaverot: Zoe Hodgins
Shlicha: Lisa Wilcox
Mazkirah: Paulina Volovodovsky
Gizborit: Sareet Handman
Orechet: Rachel Macklin
Madricha: Toban Shadlyn


AZA Regional Board

Godol: Max Shilling
S’gan: Benny Gershkovich
Moreh: Noah Steinberg
Shaliach: Noah Fenyes
Mazkir: Evan Horlick
Gizbor: Noah Fenyes
Sofer: Evan Horlick
Kohane Godol: Noah Fenyes

* * * * * * * * * *

BBG Regional


N’siah: Toban Shadlyn
S’ganit: Deb Lipton
Eym Hachaverot: Jackie Lebenzon
Shlicha: Jenna Horwitz
Mazkirah: Carla McNeil
Gizborit: Micah Grobman
Orechet: Arielle Permack
Madricha: Elli Hanson