Northwest Canada Region includes Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, and British Colombia. About four times a year, teens from across the region gather for a convention. Conventions are a great opportunity to meet other Jewish teens, learn valuable skills, and have meaningful Jewish experiences. Each convention and BBYO program is designed entirely by teens for other teens! Conventions run from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, and take place once every few months.


This convention is for first year members only (grade 9.) MITs are “members in training” (girls)  and AITs are “alephs in training” (boys.) This convention is a friendly, fun, introduction to BBYO for new members.  MIT AIT takes place in September or October at the Calgary JCC.

Regional Leadership Training Convention (RLTC)

Regional Leadership Training Convention, or RLTC, is a convention for chapter and regional board members.  It’s a fun, informative weekend that brings out the best in our teen leaders.  RLTC takes place early in the year at the Calgary JCC.


Fallboy/Sisterhood is a new/old convention that was revived last year. It gives the teens a chance to see their friends, hone their leadership and programming  skills.

Leadership Training Institute (LTI)

Leadership Training Institute, or LTI, is our first regional convention of the year.  LTI is a leadership training weekend for all of our members.  Programming focuses on the development of crucial life and leadership skills in a fun and exciting environment. LTI also contains plenty of “just for fun” programming, great guest speakers, and athletics.  It takes place at a hotel in Edmonton. 

Snoboy/Mind, Body, Attitude (MBA)

Snoboy is an athletic convention for AZA* members.  Mind, Body, Attitude, is a convention for BBG*.  Snoboy focuses on athletics, brotherhood, and leadership.  MBA programming focuses on health, sisterhood, and athletics.  Both conventions attend Sweetheart and Beau, the formal dinner and dance on Saturday night. 

*AZA, or Aleph Tazdik Aleph, is the male component of BBYO. BBG, or B’nai Brith Girls, is the female component.

Spring Convention (SC)

Spring Convention is where our BBYO leadership model comes to life! Teens hear officer’s reports from our outgoing regional board, life speeches from our graduating class, and come together to elect the new regional board.  SC takes place at Camp BB Riback.


International Convention 

About IC

Over Family Day Weekend, thousands of the Jewish community’s top teen leaders, educators, professionals and philanthropists from across the world will come together in Atlanta for one of the largest Jewish communal events of the year. They’ll hear from and meet inspiring speakers, deepen leadership skills, serve the local community, celebrate Shabbat and learn together, have access to exclusive music performances and do their part to further a strong Jewish future.

This year’s IC will feature a dynamic, multifaceted experience unlike any we’ve offered ever before.  IC hosts eight conferences and summits over the weekend, this year’s program will be elevate the scope of what IC has been in big ways.

In addition to IC, members, alumni and friends of BBYO will take part in:

  • (EXECS) February Executive Conference
  • (GPS) BBYO Global Partners Summit
  • (RDR) BBYO’s Relationship Driving Recruitment Summit
  • (JEI) Jewish Enrichment Institute and Song Leading Workshop
  • (CJT) The Coalition of Jewish Teens Summit
  • The Summit on Jewish Teens
  • BBYO International Friends and Alumni Network Summit
  • BBYO International Board of Directors February Meeting
  • A series of alumni, FAN, stakeholder and staff events throughout the week

IC is a gathering built by members from across the Order for members around the world. Every Jewish teen involved with BBYO is encouraged to attend – no leadership position or prior international participation is required. It’s an inspiring experience that brings every attendee face to face with the power of our Movement.

Go to to register! Use the Canadian registration portal.


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